Ms Gladys Kimutai

Director Kericho Campus


Kericho Campus has sufficient state-of-the-art accommodation facilities for students on the Campus grounds. The rooms are self-contained with hot shower system fitted. The hostel rooms are very affordable as the cost is subsidized, and students share at the rate of four per room.




The campus library boasts of a well equipped, well-stocked modern library with book volumes increasing by the day. Kericho Campus has a spacious library with a capacity of over *300 users. This is designed to take care of the growing student population, learning programs and research activities. The library is also equipped with computers for online reading and research.


Students and staff of Kericho Campus are also privileged as the Campus sits right next to the Kenya National Library (Kericho branch). In fact, the Campus has its gate directly opposite that of the National Library, making it very convenient and accessible by Kericho Campus students and staff for further reading and research.





Kericho Campus of Kenyatta University has well-equipped computer laboratories. These will help the University achieve her mission of providing quality teaching/training and learning experience in line with Vision 2030. In this regard, the Campus has adequate ICT and e-learning facilities. Kericho Campus boasts of two computer laboratories with a capacity of at least 100 students each. The computers stocked in these laboratories are equipped with the modern N-tech computing software to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital era.
Wi-Fi (free internet)
Kericho Campus also enjoys strong wireless (Wi-Fi) free internet connectivity. The initialization of Wi-Fi has gone a long way in helping provide the much needed internet services to students and staff when and if the computers in the students’ computer lab are all occupied. The service also helps when the computer labs are closed in the evenings and at night. This ensures that access to the computer/internet is not hampered with in any way.
Apart from on-line teaching/learning activities, the facility is very important as it helps in students on-line registration, research, assignment writing and preparation, general reading, checking of students’ fee structures, examination/academic records etc. this will help students keep up to date with information and knowledge, hence contribute to the achievement of vision 2030.



 The campus has spacious and well equipped modern lecture rooms. The campus management has also put in place mechanisms that will facilitate national and international collaborations with a view to strengthening research engagements mainly by providing the requisite infrastructure and funding.








 Kericho Campus students are privileged to have access to modern dining facilities which serve a variety of dishes at very affordable prices that are student-friendly. To take care of the staff and visitors, a Kericho Campus Restaurant is available, with a capacity of 100. The restaurant is open for service as from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm daily, including weekends and holidays.